About Us

let's Give a Chance to Live Healthier

Have you ever thought about the things money can’t buy?
Health is the first thing that comes to mind.
It can’t be bought; it can’t be found; it has to be embraced & well taken care of.
A little care today can change your life and your health tomorrow.
That’s why True Wealth was built on a shared belief that good health is and always will be the True Wealth.

Our Motto

The genuine care that you need to have for yourself “body & soul” is the real and true wealth because it will last forever. Hectic life in all its forms distracts people from finding the key of true wealth.

Coming from nature, mineral water is one of the most important aspects of our heath tourism planning system. Thus, joining wellness and health altogether would ensure a precious lasting gift.

The Concept

The concept of our business stands on the highest standards and excellence in providing you with the best available health programs starting from Beirut, accompanying you during the trip and ending back in Beirut. Strict, concise and tailored programs are developed individually for every client.

In light of the increasing health-threatening conditions in our lifetimes and the decreasing chances of granting ourselves the time to enjoy the beauty of nature and its beneficial effects on our health, the idea behind our company has been created. Numerous personal experiences have developed our motivation to spread and share with you the positive feedback that we have witnessed.


Our Goal

Is to provide you with the best ways to promote health and well-being for every person from all nationalities, willing to join nature and learn about true health benefits. Moreover, Stressful events and tiring lifestyles are always there, even though we know their dangerous impacts on our health. Therefore, our main goal is to prevent the damages resulting from these inevitable events & daily routine and to create beneficial techniques in health tourism to improve body and mind functioning.

Mission Statement

Miss‚Äčion Statement:  “Let's give a chance to live healthier”

Vision:  To promote health and to become a leading company in the Middle East and to deliver our services more effectively and to continuously create innovative ways that meet all clients’ needs and ensure their satisfaction.


Our Values

Trust:  Long-lasting relationships are built on trust. Trust cannot be purchased. It must be earned through sincerity, transparency and a reliable relationship development.
Therefore, we aim at delivering advanced, innovative and quality services that differentiate us from others in the market. On the other hand, building a reliable relationship development is to deliver credible and consistent information and to make sure our clients understand that the expected outcomes are surely attainable.

Commitment: To providing excellence and delivering promises with measurable results. At the end of our programs, you will come back as a different person in body and mind. That’s a guarantee.

Confidence: That our clients will achieve a healthy, comfortable and financially satisfying experience.