About Marianske Lazne

Mariánské LáznÄ› is the second largest Czech spa town with a wealth of mineral springs. Within the town itself approximately 40 springs rise and in the town's close surroundings there can be found nearly 100 more springs. The area of the present spa was originally owned by the Premonstratensian Monastery in Teplá and the Abbot Karel Kašpar Reitenberger pushed through the idea with the monastery doctor Johann Josef Nehr to build the first spa at the beginning of the 19th century.

The basis of this grandiose project proposed by the architect Václav Skalník required significant terrain modifications on which the parks were subsequently created. Other than the town's springs, the parks are perhaps the most significant and imposing feature of the town.

The main spa promenade and town's most significant monument is the Colonnade, which was made from cast iron in 1889. The drinking treatment springs Cross Carolina (Karolina) and Rudolf are directed to outlets on the Colonnade. In front of the Colonnade is the town's biggest tourist attraction, the Singing Fountain.

Therapy & Wellness Centers exist in all the spa hotels: mineral drinking cure, hydrotherapy, various massages, electrotherapy, relaxation, natural dry carbon gas bath, mud packs, acupuncture, fitness studio, original historical & Roman Baths from 1896 with pools, whirlpool ,bubble bath, Sauna, steam, salt cave and anti-cellulite programs.